Rhythm Kids

Designed specifically for pre-K and early elementary students (ages 4-8), our active Rhythm Kids classes tap into how children this age are wired to learn. In each weekly music class, we drum, sing, play, and pretend, using rhythms inspired by musical traditions around the world. Students learn to compose, choreograph, and conduct as they play—and play with!—a variety of musical instruments: West African djembe drums, percussion instruments, and, the most important instruments of all, their voices and their bodies. As your big kid learns to think and create like a musician, they’ll also build musical connections to the global community.

For Rhythm Kids Online, you may use whatever you have at home as a drum: a djembe drum, bongos, a stack of books, a box, or an upside down bowl. A drum that produces two distinct sounds is best because the drumming patterns are demonstrated with two sounds (low and high). Having a djembe is optional, but if you wish to invest in a djembe, you can find them in many places. Mindy's Music Kids has a special offer for Rhythm Kids Families. Visit the Mindy's Music Kids website

Schedule Class Start Date Duration End Date Teacher Tuition Action

4:30 PM
Rhythm Kids Online 04/15/21 10 weeks 06/17/21 Susie Perkins $ 195.00 Register