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"My 5 year old and 18 month old both love music classes. Maryse does a great job of inviting everyone to participate while meeting each child where they are at. I am grateful my kids get such a fantastic introduction to music!"

- Laura S. Albuquerque 2019-2020


"Not only is Maryse a talented musician, but she is also incredibly skilled and talented in using music to connect with and engage young children. This class has been so meaningful for my daughter (and fun for me too), and I am so grateful that we have Maryse teaching here in Albuquerque!"

- Anna Cruz, Albuquerque 2019-2020


"Maryse ignited our son’s interest in music and dramatically advanced his language skills in her Harmonic Kids music class. She is as gifted a teacher as she is a singer. My partner and I always look forward to bringing our toddler to class and continue singing the catchy songs for days."

- Albuquerque dad and local musician, Albuquerque 2020


"As an early childhood educator I recognize in the curriculum the best practices from physical, occupational, and speech and language pediatric therapy. The music is well grounded in appropriate early childhood development.  As a pedagogue I notice the implantation of music education research in an natural, engaging and age appropriate manner. As a musician I discover more depth and layers to the music with each repetition. And as a mom I love the organic, wholistic, family centered approach to music making. Maryse is full of a love and light that is contagious."

- ABQ mom of four, 2019-2020


"Music Together® is a phenomenal program that has provided our 2-year-old with social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Having attended 6+ semesters, we appreciate the selection of music provided. Each semester there are pieces focused on expanding vocabulary, vocables, songs to incorporate into daily life, rhythm, focus on specific instruments, etc.

Maryse is extremely talented. She has a beautiful voice, is skilled in teaching music to toddlers and their care givers, is very adaptable to the specific needs of the children in the moment (do they need movement or to relax).

Our daughter has participated in numerous classes and programs and Music Together with Maryse is our favorite. I would highly recommend this class to anyone with a young child."

- Christine 2018-2020

"We absolutely love our music class! Maryse is so good interacting and singing with the kids. We have lots of fun singing, dancing with scarfs, and playing with different instruments. The last few weeks of our first semester our son started singing some songs on his own around the house and has requested songs while we drove in the car. My 2 year old is always asking to go to music class and see Maryse!"

- Anna-Marie 2019-2020


"We love Maryse! She is so good with the kids and a beautiful singer in addition!"

- ABQ Mom


"I didn't think my kids would benefit much from a music class because they are exposed to so much music at home. My niece began attending music together classes and was literally singing every time I saw her! I enrolled my daughter, not wanting her to miss out on this kind of experience in her young life.  I have been blown away by her ability to memorize the words, rhythms and melodies to these (often complex) songs! More importantly, I see the joy that comes through when she is singing these songs that are 'hers'." 

- Sarah


"My daughter and I love the Music Together class. It's great that we can participate as a family, and to hear her sing the songs in the car and at home is such a joy. She's also begun to make up her own songs which is a wonderful result of what she learns in class. I'm so thankful for Miss Sarah and the Music Together community."

- Samantha A.


 "Sarah is an amazing teacher and musician. Both of my kids (1yo boy and 4yo girl) go to her class. Throughout the week I catch both kids singing Music Together songs and experimenting with different harmonic and rhythmic patterns.  The class brings out their natural musical abilities and I couldn't be happier!"

- Kyle